The LEGO Movie - Review

[tentblogger-youtube fZ_JOBCLF-I] If you plan on spending some of these school holidays entertaining your little ones at the cinema, you won't go wrong with this installment from Warner Bros.

If you played with Lego as a kid, this movie will touch a nerve deep in your soul that few toy movies can.

The movie centers around a regular guy named Emmett, who is super ordinary and follows all the rules.

Through a series of amazing circumstances, coincidences and humourous dance numbers Emmett finds himself as the hero of the movie, and indeed the Lego world.

The movie is extremely rich in animation. It appears no expense was spared in creating an extremely elaborate and colourful Lego world.

Previous Lego movies have always been ok-ish but felt like they were made for TV, on a budget, and not something Mum and Dad could really tolerate sitting through.

You'll recognise more than one of the character's voices in this flick, included a fantastic Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman.

All your favourite Lego characters are here too. Batman is hilarious, the 1980's random space guy complete with broken helmet (hey, we all owned that guy) is gold, and without spoiling anything, I'll just say the ending is more surprising and touching than I would have ever expected.

If a trip to the cinema is a bit rich, be sure to catch this one on DVD, but it's screening at Orana these school holidays.

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