Hard stance on hoon drivers in Geraldton and surrounding regions

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney announced today that five hoon vehicles were taken off our roads in March from local suburbs under the Liberal-National State Government’s anti-hoon laws. “The problem of hoon drivers is still an issue that is raised with me and people want to get them off our roads,” Mr Blayney said.

“This month’s figures show the problem has decreased by a single reckless driver when compared with February’s data, which shows there are still hoons on our roads that are putting the public at risk.

“Our local traffic police are aware of the problem and remain committed to increasing driver safety on roads throughout Geraldton and the Mid West Gascoyne region.”

Mid West Gascoyne Traffic Police senior constable Keith Burrows urged residents who witness reckless driving to contact their office and report hoon activity.

“Any information is good information. It enables us to build up a picture of where and when hoon activity is occurring which allows us to deploy our resources accordingly,” Snr Const Burrows said.