Can you help this person get their stolen cherished photos back?

Katie reached out to the Everything Geraldton community to ask for some assistance in recovering some items that have been stolen.

We had 3 Guys walked into our house last night and attack us in Spalding area and they took some things.

The things stolen was 1. Black Samsung Galaxy S2 phone with a brown case (one you put cards in) 2. Brown Purse.

Purse has all cards any normal purse would have plus some photos of my 22 year old deceased brother; he is wearing a green shirt in one Photo.

The stuff belongs to my mum Tracy Pokrywka. If anyone finds these could you please message me on Facebook: or call me on 0459 392 155.

We would love for the stolen things back, but we really would love the photos of my brother as he passed away and any photos of him we cherish to bits. Thanks for all your help.