Main Roads maintenance in Geraldton

As part of the Main Roads’ maintenance program, asphalt resurfacing of various sites on Brand Highway, North West Coastal Highway and John Willcock Link is set to commence in early May 2014. Locations included as part of the works include:

Brand Highway-

  • Rudds Gully Road intersection
  • Glendinning Road (northern end) to North West Coastal Highway

North West Coastal Highway-

  • Utakarra Road intersection
  • Webberton Road intersection
  • Chapman Valley Road intersection

John Willcock Link-

  • Marine Terrace intersection
  • Point Street intersection
  • Portway intersection

Most locations will involve both day and night works, with the noisier profiling works being conducted during the day.  Exact timings and impacts to road users, businesses and residential properties will vary depending on the individual location.

Road users, businesses and residential properties impacted by these works can call the Main Roads Geraldton Office during business hours on (08) 9956 1200 or the Customer Information Centre 24 hours a day on 138 138 for further information.

Alternatively, they can visit