Buccs off to firing start against Flames

photo-17 The Geraldton Bucaneers got off to a quick start in their home game against the Rockingham Flames.

Buccs were quick on the scoreboard and led 7-0 before the Flames even had a chance to score.

Buccs’ Odartey Blankson cemented his dominance early and was strong under the bucket.

But a 3-pointer by the Flames put them right back into the match.

But Buccs seemed too good for the visitors and led 22-8 with five minutes left in the first quarter.

Clayton Dann came on for the Buccs and was swift in bringing the ball down court.

Flames tried their best to make leeway on the scoreboard but found it hard to convert under the basket.

Buccs managed to score a steady 39 points and led by 16 points at quarter time.

Shamus Ballantyne was pivotal for the Buccs and despite not being the tallest on court, he managed to weave his way under the basket for some speccy lay ups.

Flames’ frustration showed on the court but there were some signs of light throughout the second quarter with some strong rebounding in Flames’ defensive end.

Bennie Lewis put on a show for the huge Buccs crowd but Flames had a burst of good play with 5 minutes left in the half.

It looked as though they could lessen the margin but the Buccs led 67-48 at half time.

Buccs wasted no time heading into the second half and were first on the scoreboard.

Taylor Land was crucial for Flames sinking some needed points for his side.

Buccs Captain Mat Wundenberg helped his side on the scoreboard and teammate Luke Wrensted also proved his worth.

It looked as though the Buccs already has their fate set in stone as they continued to make ground on their leading margin.

But Flames didn’t drop their heads.

Flames’ Justin Beard helped Flames turn their game around as the margin lessened.

But Buccs managed still held a steady 89-72 lead heading into the final quarter.

The home crowd wasn’t shy in voicing their support for their side and the Buccs.

The Flames managed to get the margin to 16-points with seven minutes left in the match but they couldn’t get any closer.

Buccs got 100 points on the scoreboard with a score from Lewis and they led by 21-points with just over 6 minutes left in the match.

Youngster Jayden Crowe came onto the court and slotted in well with his side as did Jack Stone.

Despite the Flames giving it all they had the Buccs kept their composure to run away with a 17-point win with the final score 112-95.

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