Covert cameras to help combat hoons

WA Police and Mid West Gascoyne Traffic Police officers will now be armed with state-of-the-art covert cameras to help fight the scourge of hoon driving across the State. The cameras came at a cost of $170,000 something that Ian Blayney MLA said "represented outstanding value for taxpayers".

Making a pre-Budget announcement, Police Minister Liza Harvey said the covert hoon cameras would help police to capture those motorists who drove recklessly and endangered the lives of West Australians.

“People are sick and tired of hearing cars hooning up and down their suburban streets,” Mrs Harvey said.

“These new cameras will have the ability to be hidden in known hoon hotspots and will capture those vehicles in the act.”

Mr Blayney said they were a vital asset for the whole State and will be available wherever there is a hoon issue and encouraged anyone who had ongoing hoon issues in their suburb to contact Mid West Gascoyne Traffic Police based at the Geraldton Police Station or phone WA Police on 131 444 to record details of the incident.

“The problem of hoon drivers is still an issue that is raised with me and people want to get them off our roads,” Mr Blayney said.

“Our local traffic police are aware of the problem and remain committed to increasing driver safety on roads throughout Geraldton and the Mid West Gascoyne region.”

Mid West Gascoyne Traffic Police senior constable Keith Burrows urged residents who witness reckless driving to contact their office and report hoon activity.

“Any information is good information. It enables us to build up a picture of where and when hoon activity is occurring which allows us to deploy our resources accordingly,” Snr Const Burrows said.

Since being elected in 2008 the Liberal-National State Government has increased the period a vehicle was impounded from seven days to 28 for a first hoon offence and from 28 days to three months for a second offence.

On the third and subsequent offence, vehicles have been confiscated and proceeds from its sale have gone to road safety projects. Vehicles of little value have been crushed.