Flood information for the Midwest Gascoyne region

People in western parts of the Gascoyne should take care after rising water levels in local rivers and streams.   The Bureau of Meteorology advises the flood watch has been cancelled for the Gascoyne District.


DFES State Emergency Service (SES) advises you to:

  • Watch for changes in water levels so you are ready if you need to act.
  • Never walk, swim or play in floodwaters as they are dangerous.
  • Do not go near storm drains and pipes, ditches and ravines, as they are dangerous.


  • Floodways and river levels may rise rapidly so be careful at crossings.
  • Obey road closure signs and do not drive into water of unknown depth and current.Take care on gravel and unsealed roads as they may be slippery and muddy, and you could get bogged.

ROAD CLOSURES: Some local roads may be closed.

Road information may also be available by calling Main Roads WA on 138 138 or visiting www.mainroads.wa.gov.au

FLOOD DETAILS: As at 10:50am on Monday 5 May 2014 the Bureau of Meteorology advises a low pressure system lies off the northern west coast, and is expected to cross the Gascoyne coast and weaken during Monday.

No significant rainfall is forecast for next 24 hours from 9am Monday.

Stream rises with areas of flooding are no longer expected to develop in coastal areas of the Gascoyne District during Monday through to Tuesday.

Current river levels are available from the Department of Water athttp://www.water.wa.gov.au/.


  • For SES assistance call 132 500
  • In a life threatening situation call 000
  • For the latest flood information call 1300 659 213 or visitwww.bom.gov.au/wa/flood
  • For information about road conditions and closures contact local Police or Main Roads WA on 138 138.

KEEP UP TO DATE: Visit www.dfes.wa.gov.au, call 13 DFES (13 3337), follow DFES on Twitter @dfes_wa or listen to news bulletins.

No further updates will be issued.