Kmart Rebellion Parody


The Comedy Emporium Comedy Writing Team are at it again. After turning people away for a sold out show featuring Claire Hooper, the group has teamed up with local media company Sampson Media to produce a short video to capture some of the community sentiment around the community support for a Kmart to be built in Geraldton.

The idea of the video was just to capture the community response to discussions and arguments on either side of the debate.

Comedy Emporium Director Julian Canny stated, “We are in the business of having fun. This video is not having a go at anyone. We just want Geraldton to laugh at some of things that are out in the public forum. We are not out to upset anyone and hope that people enjoy our work.”

The video was shot in three hours on a very loose script created by the team that features local comedians Lachlan Adam, Brain Poller, Ellen Clancy Millet, Mark Canny, Jackson Canny and many more volunteers.

This is the 2nd video that the team has produced after a Downfall parody was released to announce part of their comedy program in 2013.

“We hope to keep working with people around Geraldton to just bring a smile and have fun about things that are happening," said Julian.

"We are always looking for more ideas and happy to engage with more groups in the community. Sampson Media was very kind to donate their time to the project."

The Comedy Emporium is back on the 11th July with ARIA winning headliner Chris Franklin. You can buy cheap tickets through the Queens Park Theatre if you book before Tuesday 6th May.

To find out what the team are up to vist The Comedy Emporium's website or their facebook page