Geraldton's erosion problems

photo Weather and high swell around Geraldton's coast lately has caused more erosion to our beaches.

Drummond Cove and St George's are among the beaches that are showing increasing signs of erosion.

The City of Greater Geraldton have said they are working to alleviate erosion problems and work is being undertaken with additional rocks placed in Drummond Cove to protect infrastructure.

St George's Beach has been continually monitored over the past few months and temporary measures using a combination of rock, geo fabric and sand will be put in place to prevent further erosion impacting on infrastructure.

The City has also tried to obtain sandbags to help the situation but there is a delivery wait of up to 10 weeks.

City Director of Community Infrastructure, Neil Arbuthnot has said the current precautions were only a temporary fix.

"The current works will not be a permanent solution to protect the infrastructure; it is a short to medium term action to prevent further damage to infrastructure,” he said.