Rangers urge locals to take precautions so lost pets can be returned

2868488394_0c2ebd80b2_o The City of Greater Geraldton pound has had an influx of stray cats and dogs and are urging people to take precautions to ensure their missing pet can be returned.

The City have an up-to-date feature on their website where photos and details of the dogs and cats that are currently in the pound are uploaded, so people have the best chance of locating their missing pet.

Once in the pound, owners have three working days to collect their pet before they are taken in by local shelters, or worst case they are put down.

The City’s Animal Control Team Leader, Darren Cole, said with the influx of dogs and cats in the pound, he is urging people to check the City’s website and also take the necessary precautions to make sure their pet can be returned home.

Mr Cole and his team work tirelessly to get pets back to their owners but without pets being microchipped, properly registered and not having the correct tag on their collar it makes it a lot harder.

“We’re trying everything we can to get pets home,” Mr Cole said.

“These animals deserve to have a second home and it’s a big achievement if we can return pets to their owner or even re-home them.”

There have also been reports of people setting cat traps in their backyard to catch wandering cats, and they are then taken to the pound.

There is no requirement under the Cat Act 2011 for cats to be kept inside at night nor is there any requirement to contain a cat to a property.

The City warn people that it is an offence to harm any animals.

Mr Cole stressed the fact that microchipping, sterilisation and registering is imperative for all cats.

Under the Cat Act 2011, all cats more than 6 months old must be microchipped, sterilised, registered and wearing a registration tag when in public.

The Cat Act 2011 states owners must ensure their cat:

-Wears a collar displaying the Council registration tag when in public places -Is registered in the name of one person who is aged 18 years or over -Is sterilised and microchipped.

If you’ve lost your dog or cat, it pays to check the Dogs and Cats in Facility on the City of Greater Geraldton website.