Sand bypassing works to start on northern beaches


As part of the Northern Beaches Stabilisation Programme the Geraldton Port Authority will be undertaking sand bypassing works between Monday May 19 to Friday May 23, 2014.

During this period the Port Authority will transport approximately 6,250m3 of sand from Pages Beach to placement sites along the Beresford Foreshore.

The purpose of the sand by-passing is to feed sediment into the longshore current operating in a northerly direction along the Geraldton coastline.

Through a coastal process known as littoral transport, the sand by-passing provides sediment to Geraldton’s northern beaches through the action of the breaking waves and the longshore current.

The City says the approach provides a cost-effective way of providing sediment to Geraldton’s northern beaches.

Traffic management will be in place to minimise the disruption to traffic in the area. Where appropriate a water cart will be used to suppress dust and sand movement off the placement sites.

To protect the shared pathway from damage by the sand bypassing transport trucks the Port Authority will place sand over the pathway for the duration of the works.

The sand will be removed on completion of the works. Working hours will be between the hours of 7.00am to 5.00pm for duration of the works.

For further information on these works and the Northern Beaches Stabilisation Programme, contact Project Coordinator, Michael Dufour, on (08) 9956 6600 or email