Vessel in search of MH370 flight hits Geraldton's coast

photo-16 The ADV Ocean Shield arrived off the coast Geraldton yesterday and is awaiting on spare parts before departing.

The Ocean Shield is an Australian Defence Vessel and returned to Western Australia earlier this month to continue the search for missing flight Malaysian Airlines flight MH370.

The ship is using an underwater vehicle, Bluefin-21, to search the ocean floor where suspected black box signals were detected in April.

According to, the vessel is waiting to receive spare parts related to the transponder.

The Ocean Shield was originally going to Dampier to retrieve the parts but it was found the parts could be delivered to the ship quicker via the Geraldton Port.

The spare parts are expected to arrive today.

Once the replacement parts are installed on the ship,  a series of tests will be conducted in Geraldton before the Ocean Shield returns to the search.