Hi-tech licensing site smart solution for drivers

A new online tool is allowing Department of Transport (DoT) licensing customers to decide how, when and where they conduct their everyday transactions. Transport Minister Dean Nalder today announced that customers would have round-the-clock access to tasks that previously required someone to attend in person or by telephone.

“The DoTDirect online tools provide access to features such as secure payment of vehicle and driver’s licence renewals; reminder alerts of vehicle and driver’s licence expiry dates; driver’s licence status or demerit point checks and contact detail updates,” Mr Nalder said.

“The DoTDirect site has also been optimised for mobile devices so it will display on smartphones as an easy-to-use ‘app’ for quick and convenient access.

The Minister said the new DOT Direct site was one of a suite of smarter services being developed to make dealing with transport matters in WA easier, including an online booking system for practical driver assessments that has reduced calls related to the service by more than 50 per cent.

“Since DoT launched its online live booking service for practical driving assessments a year ago, there’s been almost three million booking activities,” he said.

“DoT’s Driver and Vehicle Services business unit is one of the busiest in the State and undertakes about seven million financial customer transactions annually.

“This online portal will mean smarter, more convenient interactions for DoT customers as part of a major reform to improve choice with evolving technology.”

Additional functions for customers will become available through DoTDirect later this year.