Arrests over car break-ins at Cinema

Police have arrested 6 juveniles for criminal damage and stealing after a recent wave of car break-ins at the Geraldton Cinema. Everything Geraldton had reports that 4 vehicles were broken into during the day on Saturday in the cinema car park, and there have been several reports from local residents over the last few weeks of car break-ins and theft from the car park.

Police have been conducting targeted patrols of the area and just after 2pm on Saturday afternoon, Police were advised of four juveniles breaking into vehicles at the Cinema.

Police officers caught 3 of the 4 juveniles and they were charged with several offences. The fourth offender ran from the scene but was later identified.

Police have since tweeted that 6 juveniles have in fact been arrested for the vehicle break-ins at the Cinema.

Charges on the juveniles so far include 9 counts of criminal damage and 2 counts of stealing.