Drunk and dangerous - Fortunately no lives lost

David and Deb, who are expecting their first baby in a couple of months, awoke late last night to an almighty crash.

They checked the house to see if anything was out of order, or a window broken. But all seemed fine so they went back to bed.

And then a little while later they received a knock at the door from the police... who let them know what that mysterious noise was.

car 1

Their parked Falcon had been crashed into... hard!

 So hard it had spun 90 degrees. Here's the skid marks on the driveway from the car being shunted sideways.



But the Mandurah man allegedly driving the car thought it would be a good idea to keep driving... leaving a trail of oil in his wake.

wandina vehicle crash

The Toyota Lexcen he was driving ended up on Brand Highway, airbag deployed and looking somewhat beyond worth fixing.


Police, from the Dog Squad, found the vehicle, and, realising he had hit SOMETHING, retraced his path, found the oil trail, and alerted David and Deb to their misfortune.

Sadly, Deb says, they are down to one vehicle at a very inconvenient time with bub along soon. Their vehicle wasn't insured, and with the alcohol read out of the driver it's unlikely he will be either.