"Real Men Don't Binge" campaign labelled sexist

Perth Now and Channel 9 are running a campaign called "Real Men Don't Binge". Nine News presenter Libby Stone is the ambassador for the campaign which aims to change public attitudes toward "male drunkenness". She's joined by 5 other females who all want to tell men that men shouldn't binge drink. But many in the public are incensed with the campaign which they claim unfairly targets men, when women also have a problem with binge drinking.

Perth Now changed the title of their article from "Real Men Don't Binge Drink" to "Libby Stone, Blair Evans, Simone Heng, Melissa Marsh, Chloe Powlika and Ashleigh Nelson join fight against binge drinking". Read it here.

When shared on Twitter and Facebook, the public was very vocal against the campaign.

Just a taste of some of the comments:

Screenshot 2014-07-01 01.08.34

Matt put it well:

Screenshot 2014-07-01 01.10.05

Even Twitter was aghast with the campaign:

Screenshot 2014-07-01 01.14.29

Libby stone responded publicly to some of the criticism that said it singled men out, saying it wasn't her intention (to single out men in her "real men don't binge" campaign) but that it was "very much a community issue".