P- Plater over 0.08

At around 6:20 am Sunday morning police stopped a Holden Commodore on Place Rd in Webberton. The driver was a 21 year old man, who police say held a provisional drivers licence, and had consumed alcohol.

At 6:20 am on Sunday 13 July 2014 a male drover a Holden Commodore on Place Road, Webberton.

The vehicle was stopped and police will allege the driver held a provisional licence and further, he had consumed alcohol.

In WA, P-plate holders must not exceed a blood alcohol level of 0.0%. Regular licence holders must stay under 0.05%.

Police say the man was conveyed to Geraldton Police station where he underwent a breath analysis test, which gave a final reading of 0.102 grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood at the time of the occurrence.

The Strathalbyn man was charged with excess 0.08 and will appear at Geraldton Magistrates Court on 31 July 2014.

Click here for more info on blood alcohol information from the WA Police.