Business houses in the City

Do you realize how much more income garden tourists can bring into Geraldton, into your shop, Pub or business? Dr. Richard W. Benfield together with John and Linda Stanley of John Stanley and Associates, Australia gave a in depth view of the terrific cash income potential for our City that comes out of the pockets of visiting tourists. That is Garden Tourists.

They spoke to audiences at the African Reef Lodge that included the Geraldton Chamber of Commerce, City of Greater Geraldton representatives, Visitor centre people and tourism operators from local shires plus interested citizens. Later John Stanley spoke to a larger audience of the public at the Ocean Centre on marketing aspects of new technology.

Our unique wildflowers featured in Richards talk. He said it was difficult for him to find reference to our wildflower state on the net. He was speaking as a potential overseas tourist coming to look at our exceptional flora and fauna.

He gave an example of the power of flowers in regard to a small town in Texas USA that sowed the road verges with flower seeds and in the spring, while the floral bloom was on, over 300.000 people drove by to enjoy them.

His one and only book, titled ‘Garden Tourism’ tells a good story about a great subject, plants, gardens and why people visit them. It’s the first book to look into audiences, their behavior and economic impact. He gave an example of young people who may visit a theme park a few times in their life, but have a strong possibility of visiting gardens into the future. The huge data in this book gives managers tools to work with in the development of paying garden tourists.

John Stanley looks at Food Tourism and claims that the fasted growth in tourism is in the culinary sector. Covering farmers markets, taste tours, restaurants farm shops and more.

They worked with the people at the events to create ideas to draw up in the spirit of co-operation, how to tell the world about our wonderful flowers and sowed the seeds to build a botanic garden in City in the future.

Look up Richard on the net, Richard W Benfield. Central Connecticut University USA.