Have Your Say: Bring back the cane?

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Photo Credit: szeke via Compfight cc

In quite a bizarre move the head of the Abbot government's national curriculum review has supported the idea of reintroducing corporal punishment into schools.

Kevin Donnelly said on Tuesday that "corporal punishment was effective during his childhood and still has some merit" (Sydney Morning Herald). 

Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm has also supported the idea, saying "schools should be free to manage their own affairs," (9 News). 

This reasoning comes as more students are being suspended than ever before across Australia, with over 18000 NSW students were suspended in 2012 - 1300 more than in 2011 (Sydney Morning Herald).

The Greens are up in arms at this startling new proposal, calling for Mr Donnelly to be sacked from the curriculum review panel.

What are your thoughts on this controversial topic?

Do students need more discipline in schools? Are parents letting their children get away with too much?

Or is the idea of corporal punishment a ridiculous proposal in today's society?