Merv hits 40-year milestone at Mitchell and Brown

photo Today Merv Grigsby hit a milestone that many do not reach.

It was 40 years ago today that Merv started working for local company Mitchell and Brown.

With balloons all around the Mitchell and Brown store this week to celebrate the big feat, Merv said he was chuffed to be able to celebrate such a big occasion.

“I guess in this industry you don’t meet many people who have been with one business for 40 years,” he said.

“I love my job, I love meeting new people everyday and the satisfaction of being able to help them.”

In 1974 Merv applied for a role at Mitchell and Brown and started his career as a storeman at the age of 22.

He has since seen the company through name changes, building moves and also the changes in technology.

“It’s been amazing to see the technology change in phones, computers, TVs and stereos over the years,” Merv said.

“I can remember when mobile phones were like a brick.”

Merv worked his way up the ranks and at one point even managed the store. Now Merv enjoys his time as part of the Mitchell and Brown sales team.

Mitchell and Brown General Manager Greg Brown, said Merv had been a very loyal employee.

"There must be so many people in the Midwest that have dealt with Merv over the years and I can't imagine how many washing machines and fridges he has sold," he said.

"He should be very proud of what he has achieved and I am sure he will enjoy a cold beer tonight with the team."

Mitchell and Brown are also celebrating with a sale in honour of Merv's achievement.

The local business, which was established in 1969, are big advocates of supporting the local community, something which Merv said is great to be part of.

“It has been a great journey and never did I think that I would celebrate 40 years with the business,” he said.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported Mitchell and Brown and also those who have supported me through the years I have been here.”