$6.68 million to be spent on Midwest cancer centre

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has received correspondence from Deputy Premier and Minister for Health Kim Hames MLA confirming funding for vital health infrastructure developments in the city. Mr Blayney said he was delighted to receive confirmation that over $6.68 million would be spent on the initial stages of a Midwest Cancer Centre, plus crucial renal dialysis and associated support services including consultancy and office accommodation at the Geraldton Hospital.

“I’ve been pushing for funding through both State and Commonwealth allocations and am delighted we’ve received funding for such crucial health services in Geraldton,” Mr Blayney said.

“On the downside two funding applications for the redevelopment of the Geraldton Health Campus were unsuccessful but I’m heartened by the Deputy Premier’s lobbying on my behalf for this very important redevelopment, especially since we’ve received confirmation from the Federal Minister for Health that Geraldton Hospital is Dr Hames’ top priority for Federal Funding.

“The WA Country Health Service (WACHS) will also continue to pursue funding sources to progress the redevelopment of the Geraldton Health Campus.”

Mr Blayney said a Cancer Centre submission was successful in receiving $5.48 million through the Commonwealth Government Health and Hospital Fund (HHF) to construct a six chair, one bed chemotherapy unit and a seven double bedroom hostel, while planning is progressing for the Midwest Cancer Centre.

Mr Blayney said that under the Commonwealth’s Bringing Renal Dialysis and Support Services Closer to Home project, $45.8 million has been allocated Statewide to expand renal infrastructure and dialysis and support services.

Geraldton will share in the provision of 17 additional renal dialysis chairs and 46 patient accommodation units for up to 92 patients meaning for the first time many patients with kidney disease will be able to receive dialysis near or in their communities.

The Geraldton Hospital has also been successful in receiving an allocation of $1.2 million to provide additional consultancy and office accommodation that is scheduled for phase two of the project.

WA Department of Health Infrastructure Unit resources estimate the new on-site building at the hospital will commence mid-2015 with an estimated completion date mid-2016.

The estimated construction start date on the Cancer Centre and hostel will commence early next year with an anticipated completion date early in 2016.

Mr Blayney said the WACHS had made two funding applications under the HHF and National Partnership Agreement (NPA) for the redevelopment of the Geraldton Health Campus, while a separate funding application for the development of an Acute Psychiatric Unit was submitted to the HHF in 2011 and followed up by a revised version in January 2012.

Mr Blayney said he hoped these unsuccessful applications could provide the framework for a positive application given the Geraldton Hospital’s top priority for Federal funding. If you would like more information contact Ian Blayney:- (office) 08 99641640 or (mob) 0428 244 020