Land lines still favoured by older australians

A survey from 2013 has released findings that quarter of older Australians (855,000) only have a fixed-line telephone at home. While increasing numbers of Australians are replacing their fixed-line telephone with a mobile phone, some groups particularly those aged 65 years and over continue to rely on their fixed-line telephone service. ACMA’s latest report ‘Older Australians resist cutting the cord’ shows that despite more Australians 65 years and over adopting mobile phones, over half (55 per cent) identify the fixed-line telephone as their most used communications service.

The survey shows that older Australians were more inclined to have a fixed-line telephone connection at home (93 per cent), the highest percentage across all age groups at December 2013. In contrast, they are the least likely (74 per cent) to own or use a mobile phone.

The survey indicates that older Australians are less likely to use their mobile phones intensively, making fewer calls, sending fewer text messages, spending less time in calls and dialling a smaller group of different phone numbers than other mobile phone users.

What are your thoughts on this, are you an older citizen that has embraced the mobile phone community or are you still reliant on your existing land line ?


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