Police dog Bear captures male offender

A 19 year old male has been charged with unlawful damage and trespassing after yesterdays events. On Tuesday afternoon it is alleged that a male passenger was in a vehicle driving along North West Coastal Highway where the car was behind another vehicle as they came to a stop at a red light in Wonthella. The male passenger then exited his vehicle and approached the car in front and punched the drivers side window causing it to shatter. Fortunately the driver of the vehicle received no injuries.

According to the Police the next afternoon they were conducting patrols in Karloo bushland when they spotted the same man who committed the offence. When the male saw the Police he began to flee the area as Police called him to stop. Police dog Bear and his handler then chased the male through several yards in nearby housing.

It is alleged that whilst fleeing the Police the male entered a property rear of Solomon Circle and damaged the gate. He then proceeded the exit the front door of the property damaging the front security screen. Bear then captured the male on the front lawn of the property. The male was then taken into Police custody.

The 19 year old male was then taken to the Geraldton Police Station where he was charged with the following offences - 3 x Unlawful damage and 1 x Tresspass.

He will face Geraldton Magistrates Court today.