One man's romp through a swamp

Swamp Juice will hit the Queens Park Theatre on August 19th and the shadow puppet comedy about one man's romp through a swamp has received rave reviews.

A review from the Edinburgh Spotlight said, "Gasps of wonder and amazement!"

With other reviews claiming it was, "One of the most spellbinding moments of puppet theatre I have ever encountered.”

Following on the award-winning Sticks Stones Broken Bones, Jeff Achtem presents imaginative shadow puppet stories made from bits of rubbish. His shadow adventures have no dialogue, and the visual look of 'live' cartoons.

In Swamp Juice, the puppeteer guides the audience through one man's encounters in a swamp; bickering snails, a neurotic snake and an opera singing mouse.

As the action builds to a climax in Swamp Juice, the shadows move off the stage and dance around the walls of the theatre. Then, the audience are given 3D glasses to experience the 3D shadow puppetry finale. It's a riviting and unforgettable illusion.

Swamp Juice will appeal to all ages above 7, and most certainly not just for kids.

For information about tickets head to the QPT website.