Brain cancer Box off

1133 "I, Kate Box want brain cancer to Box off!"

In three months, local woman Kate Box will shave her lovely locks to raise money for a cure for brain cancer.

With a goal to reach $15,000 in donations, Kate has already reached nearly $4,000.

"My heart breaks to see so many families’ loved ones diagnosed with the 'C word'," she said.

"Over the past few years, I have watched the battles of two beautiful families - both fighting a form of Brain Cancer.

"I will be shaving ALL of my beautiful hair off in the name of Brain Cancer awareness, and FINDING A CURE for this horrific disease."

The Shave Day will be November 15th, and Kate is urging locals to sponsor her to put a stop to the 'C word' forever!

To donate to Kate's shave, click here.