Central Greenough declared gasfield free

Central Greenough has become the first community in WA to declare itself Gasfield Free in a clear statement to mining companies that fracking and other forms of unconventional gas extraction are not welcome in the area.
Spokesperson for Frack Free Geraldton Jo Franklin, said the declaration followed months of community consultation and doorknocking.
“We knocked on every door in Central Greenough to ask the residents if they would like to declare their road gasfield free. The result was an overwhelming yes with more than 96 per cent of people saying they supported the concept of becoming a Gasfield Free Community,” Ms Franklin said.
“Gasfield Free Communities began in northern NSW two years ago and have since spread virally around the nation with more than 3 million hectares of agricultural land already declared Gasfield Free in NSW alone.
“A Gasfield Free Community declaration means that gas companies do not have a social licence to operate in the area. Communities  around Australia are declaring themselves No Go Zones for gas drilling and exploration.
“Fracking is not safe and is not welcome. Communities like central Greenough are coming together to say “we will protect our land, our water and our future” by locking the gate to frackers and other gas miners.
“What we are witnessing is a mass social movement of ordinary people who are willing to stand up for their rights and the protection of their livelihoods and that of their grandchildren against the invasive march of the gas companies.
“Central Greenough is just the first of many communities in WA who are likely to declare their communities and their precious water resources off limits to fracking.”