Full flight mobile use introduced

Passengers travelling on Virgin and Qantas flights around Australia and internationally will not have to turn their mobile devices off during landing and take off. According to an article on ZDNet, this announcement comes after the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) put in place new procedures for airlines to allow passengers to keep their devices switched on - still in flight mode.

Qantas have released a statement saying the new changes will come into effect this afternoon.

"Qantas customers will be able to use their personal electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and music players in flight mode, for the duration of each flight, providing uninterrupted access to work and entertainment," the statement said.

Qantas plans to lift restrictions on electronic devices across the entire Qantas Group for regional, domestic and international flights. QantasLink and Jetstar are in the final stages of preparing their submission to CASA for the extended use of personal electronic devices.

Qantas has released the following advice for customers:

  • Devices can be used whether passengers are boarding via aerobridge or transiting across tarmac.
  • Once aircraft doors are closed for departure, devices will need to be in ‘flight mode’.
  • Customers are required to secure handheld devices by holding them or placing them in a seat pocket during taxi, take-off and landing. Larger items such as laptops will still need to be stowed.
  • Customers are still required to listen to all inflight safety briefings and comply with cabin crew instructions.
  • Mobile and smart phones will still not be able to be used to make calls or send texts from the air.