Water Minister visits Geraldton to discuss odour complaints

Water Minister Mia Davies visited Geraldton on Monday to discuss odour complaints coming from the Utakarra Waste Water Pumping Station. Residents have been complaining for months about the odour and after the Minister's visit yesterday, Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney said the Water Corporation are hopeful that the odour issues can be addressed by October and other issues fully resolved by mid-February, 2015.

Minister Davies was accompanied to the site by senior staff of the Water Corporation and spent Monday afternoon inspecting the site and being briefed on the continuing work being undertaken to resolve the odour issues that have been a concern for local residents.

The Minister met with the City of Greater Geraldton CEO, Ken Diehm and Mayor Ian Carpenter to discuss the new biological odour scrubbers that will be fitted in October and the installation of the new pumps in February.

A meeting was also held with local residents who expressed their concerns and the impact that the continuing problems at the Waste Water Pumping Station was having on their day to day lives.

“A reference group has been formed. This group will receive regular briefings on progress, which I will be happy to facilitate," Mr Blayney said.