Female punches police officer in the face

A 21-year-old female has punched a police officer in the face during an altercation in Wonthella yesterday. At around 6am yesterday, police attended the address in Wonthella in relation to another matter.

Police were in the process of conducting an arrest of a male for a breach of bail offence and were escorting him to the rear of the police vehicle when the incident occurred.

It is alleged that the female attempted to stop police arresting the male by standing between police and the vehicle door, preventing it from being closed.

It is further alleged that as police attempted to remove the female, she punched a male officer on the face causing the officer's glasses to be broken and swelling to the officer's left eye.

The female was arrested and will appear in the Geraldton Magistrates Court early next month on assault public officer, obstructing police and damage charges.