Amazing generosity for local charity


You’ll be blown away by the generosity of locals in Geraldton who are working together to build a home which will be auctioned off with full proceeds going to Midwest families in need. Local organisation Midwest Charity Begins at Home, have praised Redink Homes and Geraldton Heights, with Geraldton Heights  donating a block of land and Redink Homes building a house, which will be completed in early October and auctioned off with the full amount donated straight to the charity.

Redink Homes Midwest General Manager, Peter Bisby, said they were thrilled to be part of a charity which is all about our local community.

“We’re just so happy to be apart of it because it’s a local charity and we know that the money from this house will go straight back into the Midwest community,” he said.

“That’s the beauty of this charity, we love it and that’s why we wanted to be part of it.”

Midwest Charity Begins at Home raises much needed funds for cancer sufferers and those with serious illness within the Midwest region.

Since 2008, the local charity has raised well over $1million and has helped close to 100 Midwest families.

Midwest Charity Begins at Home committee president, Chris Dobson, said the local people helping to make this home a reality were lifesavers.

“Our biggest issue is making the money last. There are so many people in the Midwest region in need and this is going to solve so many of our issues,” she said.

“It’s really exciting especially to come out to the house and see all the tradies so upbeat. Everyone is really happy and positive, it’s coming along so well.”

Mr Bisby also gave credit to the suppliers who are working on the project.

“We’ve had amazing support from all the suppliers with many of them providing the materials for free,” he said.

“Some tradesmen have done work for free so that’s really helped us.”

With Redink Homes coming onboard, Mrs Dobson said the charity was receiving more sponsorship.

“I think the coverage that Redink Homes has provided has elevated the charity and has created so much more awareness of what we do and in term more people are coming on board,” she said.

“Many see the relationship between Midwest Charity Begins at Home and Redink Homes, and think that this charity is something really worthy of getting behind.”

The highly acclaimed Midwest Charity Begins at Home Gala Dinner Event will be held on Saturday, November 29th and like many years before, it is set to be a massive event.

Mrs Dobson highlighted the fact that the house, once auctioned off, will amount to about three years of work from the volunteer committee.