$600 taken via Pay Wave on stolen debit card


A local man has lost $600 when someone stole his debit card and used the Pay Wave feature last week.

Colin posted to Everything Geraldton, "Just like to let everyone know please don't do what I did today and lose my wallet just after putting my tax cheque in the bank I went to SJOG Hospital to have my bloods done and afterwards I thought I'd get a coffee and walking back to the car I lost my wallet."

"Thanks to someone who found my wallet and decided to use my Westpac card 7 times on Pay Wave and took out my $600 that I just put in the bank so if you have a Pay Wave bank card please be extremely careful."

Colin's wife Lyn also urged people to be wary of the Pay Wave feature.

"Within 1/2 hour they had taken 7 debits out of our account all under $100 and we lost $600 so we now have requested that we don't want Pay Wave and were told sorry," Lyn said.

"I believe we should have the right to be able to get the card we want as customers.

"The bank will replace the money in 14 bank work days but please be careful."

Lyn also mentioned that the money was to be used for a trip to Perth for her husband's cancer treatment.