City Rangers finalists in State award

The City of Greater Geraldton’s Community Law and Safety Team have been selected as finalists in the WA Ranger Association Team of the Year award.

CEO Ken Diehm said he was extremely proud of the work the City’s rangers undertook and to be recognised as being finalists in a State award is a huge step in terms of recognition.

“The City’s Rangers can work under the most stressful of circumstances. Whilst the majority of people in our community treat them with respect, sometimes it can be very difficult to carry out their duties without being harassed,” he said.

“The team have made a huge effort to make sure Geraldton is well serviced in community law and safety issues.”

City of Greater Geraldton Community Law and Safety Manager, Konrad Seidl, said to be finalists for the award is a great team achievement.

“Being part of the Law and Safety team is one of the hardest jobs in the council,” he said.

“The job can be very demanding and we have the highest amount of customer requests, but this doesn’t stop the great culture we have in our team.”

A Rangers day can vary from dealing with dogs, cats and livestock, to matters of parking, camping, litter and off road vehicles.

Law and Safety also deal with City Crime Prevention activities including CCTV and Emergency Management and all bush fire responsibilities.

Much of the work in the field creates work in the office giving each member their fair share in front of the community or a computer screen. No day is ever the same.

Mr Seidl said it’s very rewarding to achieve so many goals on a daily basis. “We work together to make a significant contribution to keeping Greater Geraldton safe,” he said.

“I’m proud of how far the team has come and if we’re not successful this round, I’m sure we will be nominated again for our services.”

Mr Seidl will be presenting at a conference on Wednesday September 10 about a new approach to the City’s Ranger Services and Emergency Management Exercise. He will also be attending the awards presentation taking place that same day.