Commercial dive boat mistaken for refugee vessel

A commercial dive boat just off the coast of Geraldton today has caused quite a stir with many people alluding to the boat being a refugee vessel.

But actually, the commercial dive boat was involved in a routine inspection and cleaning of a sea water intake pipe for the Batavia Coast Maritime Institute (BCMI) this morning.

The incident is still making its way around cyberspace with many people still Facebooking and Tweeting the rumours.

ABC News 24 Tweeted statements this morning but within an hour police quashed the rumours. Although it didn't stop people from re-Tweeting them.

ABC Tweet
ABC Tweet

The commercial boat which could be seen just off Separation Point, was contracted by Durack Institute of Technology to support commercial divers involved in the annual maintenance of its sea water intake pipe used by BCMI. 

BCMI Training Director Suresh Job said the maintenance is carried out on an annual basis. The sea water intake pipe brings in up to 130 kL/hr and is an important part of the BCMI infrastructure which opens out onto Separation Point.

“BCMI aims to maintain the quality of the sea water used in the facility’s research and training programs which includes the commercial production of marine ornamental fish species, coral, Pink Snapper, and Black Bream,” Mr Job said.