Your help needed to find sick girl's family

My 9 year old daughter is sick and the Drs need additional information from my side of the family tree which I don't have.

My name is Kristy Logan and I'm looking for anyone who may have known a man called "Ted Steers" who lived in Geraldton or near here around 35/40 years ago. I know this is a long shot. 

I wouldn't be doing this at all if it wasn't a medical emergency. This will be kept private but my daughter needs help or I wouldn't be asking.

If someone can HONESTLY help her then please call 0448387690. Please no crank calls as I have enough to deal with and am finding that going in this direction hard enough as it is. Thank you.

Anyone with info can even go through a third party so they don't have to deal with me if that is what they are more comfortable doing. I will do it any way they would like. My daughter is only 9 and doesn't have a say, so someone please, please help us. Any information on "Ted Steers" especially medical, would be a god send for us. 


Kristy Logan