This Doctor should not have been allowed to practice in Geraldton

Dr John Myers has been found guilty of professional misconduct by the State Administrative Tribunal, following his actions at Geraldton Regional Hospital in June 2012. 

Extracts from the SAT decision:

  • Dr Myers is guilty of professional misconduct between 14 and 19 June 2012
  • On an occasion when the patient was doing a crossword in her room, Dr Myers entered [the patient's] room and shut the door behind him, moved behind [the patient], while enquiring how she was, put his right arm over her shoulder and fondled one of [the patient's] breasts without her consent.
  • Subsequently went to leave the room, said words to [the patient] to the effect of 'he would have another hug' and then hugged [the patient] and fondled her breast again while doing so, without her consent.
  • The following morning, Dr Myers said to [the patient] words to the effect that 'he felt a lot of ladies needed a breast massage in the hospital but not to tell anyone because they'll all want it'.
  • One evening, Dr Myers visited [the patient] and kissed her on the cheek and said words to the effect of 'Goodnight sweetie, I'll see you tomorrow'.
  • On another occasion, Dr Myers attempted to hug [the patient] while she was standing and asked her to kiss him.
  • Dr Myers said to [the patient] on several occasions, words to the effect of 'he wanted her to suck his cock' and 'he wanted to put his cock between her breasts' and 'rub his cock all over her body'.
  • Dr Myers also told [the patient] how gorgeous she is and while standing next to her said words to the effect of 'feel it, see how stiff you're making me'.  On that occasion, [the patient] told Dr Myers to go away and behave himself.  
  • Dr Myers did so but returned an hour later saying words to the effect of 'he was going to be good but couldn't help himself'.
  • One day, [the patient] was about to get up to have lunch when Dr Myers came into her room, leaned over and patted her twice on the bottom.  When the patient looked up in response, Dr Myers said words to the effect of 'it's alright but I just wanted to smack your bottom'.
  • Dr Myers touched and rubbed [the patient's] knee and stroked her hand.
  • On various other occasions, Dr Myers said to [the patient] words to the effect that:,1.9.1 'if she had a computer, they could make passionate love over the computer', 'think of him when she makes passionate love to her husband', 'he would like to get inside her robe with her', and said to [the patient] words to the effect that: he had a double bed at his house and gave her directions to go there and stay with him one weekend and, she was sumptuous, beautiful and sexy.

During the submissions it was noted several times that Dr Myers was not responsible for the patient, referred to only as PJD, and Dr Myers struggled to give an answer as to why he attended her. 

Dr Myers maintains his innocence, and claimed that the patient was manipulative.

The SAT board disagreed with Dr Myers' stating that the "allegation that PJD was manipulative, without any basis for that allegation, strikes us as an attempt to attack PJD's integrity so as to detract from Dr Myers' conduct and statements."

The matter of what the penalty will be is still to be decided. 

The Medical Board is to file and serve submissions on penalty within 14 days of these orders.

Dr Myers is to file and serve submissions in response on the question of penalty within 42 days of the date of these orders.

The doctor in question, who was practicing in Geraldton but was from Victoria, also had past findings against him:

  • Indecent assault in 2000
  • Unprofessional treatment of an elderly couple in 2000/01 including creating a "destructive relationship between the couple and their children"
  • "Unprofessional conduct of a serious nature" in 06/07
  • Had his registration cancelled in 2013 following a relationship with an infatuated patient from 1999 to 2008.