Bushfire season is here: do you have an independent water supply?

Bushfire season is here: do you have an independent water supply?

  • Public water supplies cannot be guaranteed during a bushfire 
  • Residents who choose to stay and defend their homes need to have an independent water supply

Water Corporation customers living in or near bushland have been reminded not to assume they will have a water supply if they choose to stay and defend their homes during a bushfire. 

Bushfire season in the southwest corner of Western Australia starts in November and continues through to April, so now is the time to assess your water supply needs.

Water Corporation Mid West Regional Manager Steve Greeve said it was important to understand that water supplies could not be guaranteed during a bushfire.

“We will always do all that we can to maintain supply but fire damaged infrastructure or a cut to power can result in a total loss of water,” he said.

“If scheme water is available during a bushfire it is a bonus for property protection efforts, but it is not something that can be relied upon.” 

“If you choose to stay and actively defend your home you need to fully assess and plan your water supply needs, independent of public water supplies.”

The Water Corporation has made its own preparations for bushfire season by readying equipment and systems to cope with extreme conditions. Despite these efforts, it is likely that during a bushfire there will be a reduction in water pressure, and public water supply tanks may run empty.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and local councils have information available to assist with bushfire preparations and residents are encouraged to contact them should they require assistance or advice.

Information is also available online on the DFES website www.dfes.wa.gov.au