Update on Jake Drage in Indonesia

Tiena Drage, mother of Jake has held a media conference outside the Pelabuhanratu, West Java, courthouse this morning.

Tiena says “I have come from the courthouse to check that the paperwork for the decision of the court of 16/10 has been processed. It's disappointing that it has not been. This is the fifth time I have attempted to pay the fine and check if anything has been lodged by the prosecutors, having done so on 21, 22, 23, 27 and 30 October”

Tiena goes on to say “Jake has not appealed the decision and contrary to media reports, I am informed by the Court that there has been no appeal lodged by the prosecutor’s office during the appeal period”. 

And “This is despite an attempt by officers to get Jake to sign a document, yesterday, Wednesday the 29th October. I was present with Jake when 3 men came asking Jake ‘for a memory’. They handed over paperwork which was not in English. It was dated the 25th of October and had Jakes name and was signed by the prosecutor, Rio. There was no translator and because it was back dated we refused to sign”. “I’m not sure which division of the justice system these men were a part of” she added. 

“The family of Kokom, Jake, I and everyone who cares, wants this to come to a conclusion. At all times we have respected the Indonesian Justice system, it's time that this is similarly respected and this comment is directed at anyone who questions whether they have not acted in the best interests of the Indonesian Justice system. All Jake and I want to do is pay the fine set by the judge on the 16th of October, 2014 and see the end of this nightmare. We have found the whole process very frustrating. It must come to an end”