Here's why you'll love this new bike shop in Geraldton

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Geraldton Bikes and Boards owner Leighton Thomas has his eyes set on more than just bike sales and service. 

He wants Geraldton to become a cycling revolution.

“I want to promote Geraldton, cycling, fitness, health, commuting and the green side of riding,” Leighton said.

“I want to encourage more recreational cyclists and I will do whatever I can to get someone on a recreational bike and introduce them to cycling.”

Leighton has spent time working in Perth and Sydney and has now travelled the globe working with bikes.

But after a tour through Geraldton last year, he decided to move back to his home town.

Leighton grew up in Geraldton and said he couldn’t be prouder to be back working in Geraldton. 

“I've worked overseas and learnt some amazing things and to be back in Geraldton fixing bikes is something I’m proud of,” he said.

“Coming back here with this amazing blue sky and amazing view is just great.”

Leighton has a goal to give back to the community and has already donated bikes to several local events.

But it’s not all about bikes.

By Christmas, the store will also be hiring out bikes as well as stand up paddle boards.

Leighton said this will add an element to Geraldton’s tourism.

“I think Geraldton has an incredible draw card for tourism and I think it is completely untapped,” he said.

“The winter here is unbelievable and it’s a great alternative for people in the South West to travel up here in the winter months.

“What we have in Geraldton is a winter where you can walk around in shorts and swim in the ocean, and it’s important for Geraldton to capitalise on the beaches, the surrounds, the climate and capture that tourist dollar.

 “We are on the same latitude as Byron Bay and Byron Bay is out of control with tourists.”

Not only is Leighton hoping to ramp up the tourism side of things, but also the sporting aspect. 

“Geraldton needs to be a sports development regional capital in WA, especially for outdoor sports because you can train everyday here,” Leighton said. 

“And I think Geraldton is a great breeding ground for triathletes because of the climate.

“I’ve worn shorts all year round and I love it.”

If you think you might like to hop onto a bike and give it a whirl, head in and see Leighton at Geraldton Bikes and Boards on Chapman Road.