Opus bringing joy through music

 Quinten (front) with Opus Manager Colin and worker Casey. 

Quinten (front) with Opus Manager Colin and worker Casey. 

Last week I was beatboxing and rapping with a young guy who has Down Syndrome and I gotta tell ya, we were pretty damn good!
— Ash, Opus owner

The energy and passion of Opus Music owner Ash shines through when he talks about what he loves.

Ash and the team at Opus teach music to many locals living with a disability.

"We have heaps of crew that come in here and love hanging out with us," Ash said.

"We have kids from Holland Street School, and people with all different disabilities come in here and learn music."

One of their regulars is 31-year-old Quinten. 

Quinten has been going to Opus for over 2 years and the smile on his face when he is there says it all.

Quinten's Support Worker Dave says the hardest thing about going to Opus is leaving.

"Quinten loves music, his favourite instruments are the guitar and the drums," Dave said.

"He had instruments at home and has always loved music but he loves going into Opus every week."

Ash says he loves to be able to bring joy to those working with people living with a disability through music.

He has plans in the future to spread the joy to sick children in local hospitals.