Noisy neighbour gets arrested and attacks police

Everything Geraldton often gets inquiries from the public regarding noisey neighbours. And if you've ever read the legislation around what noise levels are acceptable, you probably just ended up confused and frustrated. 

But you can always ring the police and make a complaint. 

And here's another tip, if the police ever knock on your door and ask you to turn the volume down, it's probably a good idea to do so. 

One Beachlands resident had a different idea on Sunday night.  

Police say they attended a house on Fitzgerald St around 7pm last night after receiving a noise complaint. The residents were advised to turn the music down and served a noise abatement direction.

An hour and a half later police had cause to re-attend the address where they seized the stereo, with "some resistance from the female resident" according to the report from Police. 

But the excitement for the evening didn't end there unfortunately.  

As police were leaving the unit the female resident started yelling abuse. She was advised to stop her behaviour, however it will be alleged, she continued the constant yelling and swearing, proceeding to throw soft drink over the police van, splashing a male police officer and the male resident of the house.

Police say the 33 year old woman was advised she was under arrest and during the process, she resisted by holding onto the male resident and falling to the ground, using her body weight to stop police from arresting her. Police officers had to lift her into the rear of the police security van and conveyed her back to Geraldton Police Station.

After arriving at Geraldton Police Station it will be alleged the woman continued being abusive towards police and unco-operative, ignoring officers request to comply with instructions.

Police say the offender's behaviour escalated and as she was being escorted to a room to be searched the offender turned and spat a large amount of saliva onto the chest of a female officer, splashing onto the officers face, arms and in her mouth.

The offender spat in the officer's face a second time.

The offender reached out with an open hand and scratched the 21 year old female officer’s face. The officer received scratch marks on her forehead and right check which started bleeding.

The offender was charged with failure to comply with a noise abatement direction, disorderly behaviour, resisting a public officer and assaulting a public officer.