Utakarra wastewater pump station odour mitigation

Water Minister Mia Davies has taken steps to reduce wastewater flows through the Karloo Wastewater Pump Station in Utakarra to address odour concerns.

Local residents have complained for several months of odours from the pump station and are concerned wastewater flows through the station would increase significantly as more neighbouring areas joined the sewerage network. 

Ms Davies said a planning review of Geraldton’s wastewater system had identified a viable alternative that would see some of the flows being transferred direct to Narngulu Wastewater Treatment Plant instead of via the Karloo pump station, in Clematis Crescent. 

The Water Corporation outlined the plan to local residents at a meeting in Utakarra on Monday, which involves diverting flows through other pump stations and construction of a future new station.

“I am delighted at this positive outcome for Utakarra residents who can now be assured that Karloo Wastewater Pump Station will not be South Geraldton’s main wastewater transfer facility,” the Minister said.

This is just one of a number of steps the State Government is taking to progress a solution to odour issues experienced in the area.  In October, a biological odour reduction device was installed at Karloo pump station and had significantly reduced odour incidents.

Work will begin in February to fully upgrade the pump station including the installation of larger pumps, motor and switchboard.  This work will increase the pump station’s capacity to transfer flows which will further help to prevent odours escaping into the environment.

“I am now confident the Water Corporation’s full suite of works to be completed in March next year will significantly reduce the likelihood of odours being experienced regularly in the area,” Ms Davies said.