Graves trashed

A concerned community member sent these images in to Everything Geraldton. 

They said:

"My brother discovered these smashed grave while he walked through the cemetery, amongst them were our father's grave, aunty's and our grandmother who is buried with our other aunty... not only our family's graves were smashed also a whole lot more... it is a shame that any person can be so heartless to destroy the only sentimental place we come to gather to mourn our losses... there were beautiful tombstones smashed ... "

Another resident also contacted us recently:

"Sitting here dismayed about my day! My mum went out to the cemetery today to visit my deceased brother and to her horror found his resting place and another's trashed! Lights were destroyed, bottles smashed, a small cross on his cross broken! What kind of a person is so heartless to trash a resting place?! My family is hurt and so angry at this act! This is the 3rd time this has happened since we layed him to rest nearly 2 years ago!
"We are struggling to pay for his head stone and with this happening were wondering if spending money on a toom stone just to be vandalised is actually worth it! I want the person who did this (if they're reading this now) to know that their actions have devastated my family! And that it's disgusting to see a great man -my brother's RESTING place in such condition!
"So to the person who did this to my brothers gave, I say: "how black is your heart?! How would you like this done to someone you love? You put your loved one to rest and you expect them to get that respect and dignity that they deserve! I'm angry that you've done this and I'm hurt that it means nothing to you to trash the cemetery! Shame on you!"