More homes reportedly targeted in Tarcoola Beach last night

We have received reports of more attempted break ins in Tarcoola Beach last night. 

Goldie Walster‎ posted "We had someone try to break into the neighbours house last night in tarcoola beach! Luckily he was seen and jumped off the balcony and did a runner! Keep your windows and doors locked in the area!"

This occurred in Nigel Crescent.

Karlee posted in the Geraldton Neighbourhood Watch group: Last night the neighbours house across the street got broken into, in Tarcoola Beach. There were about 4 of them, all adults. We have Cameras up and managed to see them, but not clear enough to see faces or anything, snooping in their cars trying to find something. They didn't manage to steal anything as they got caught snooping around and bolted down the road. But it's still scary. Why is it getting so out of control, I'm now finding it hard to feel safe anywhere..

Click here to view video. 

This follows reports of two more stolen vehicles from Mt Tarcoola on Monday night, where one of the vehicles was rolled and the other torched. 

One Strathalbyn resident, Collette Jacobs has expressed her frustration with what she believes is the failure of the courts to dish out punishments that would deter bad behaviour, calling for her area to become gated.

"As a resident of Strathalbyn, I am angry and saddened by the recent information regarding the reality of all the Burglaries in Strath and Gero in general. The Police have the 'Burg Squad' up from Perth, with full-on NCIS-like capabilities, dogs etc and yet our own Shire of "Greater" Geraldton are refusing to aid them! When handed a person with proven, hard evidence of several (30-40) Burgs the Magistrate hands down the only sentence they can- 10 hours of community service. COMMUNITY F*&#ING SERVICE !?! So unless we get a Politician with half a brain (good luck with that one....) we are screwed and for those who think moving will help- don't waste your time, as it is everywhere! Everywhere, that is where the parents ignore, pander to bad behaviour and in some cases encourage their kids to steal! I am serious folks, lets get "GATED"!"

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