L Plater blows over four times alcohol limit and she had no supervisor - Police

A 30 year old woman from Rangeway will head to court later this month charged with DUI and 'unauthorised driving by a learner driver'. 

Around 1 am this morning, Thursday Nov 6 2014, the woman was stopped on Rifle Range Rd for a random breath test. Police say they ascertained that the driver had consumed alcohol. 

After being conveyed to the Geraldton Police Station she gave a final reading of 0.234 grams of alcohol per 100ml of blood. 

That is more than 4 times the legal limit for regular drivers. But Police say this woman is a Learner driver. 

The legal limit for Learners is 0.0%

Police also say she was not accompanied by any other person in the vehicle and she was not displaying "L" plates to the front or rear of the vehicle.