Ian Blayney calls on Minister for Commerce to investigate high fuel prices in Geraldton

Photo by David Paul Morris/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Geraldton MLA Ian Blayney has written to the Minister for Commerce, Hon Michael Mischin MLC, asking him to investigate the high cost of fuel in Geraldton.

“This is not the first time I have written to ask why fuel is so expensive in Geraldton, but I hope this time there will be a full investigation into the matter,” said Ian Blayney.

“The difference between the average prices of fuel in Perth to Geraldton at the moment is 24.4 cents per litre.

“This seems to be inordinately high and I’m hoping the Department of Commerce will thoroughly investigate this matter to determine why it is so.

“While I accept that there may be extra costs associated with the freight of fuel to Geraldton, this appears to be excessive.

“ I am also concerned that the margin between the wholesale cost of fuel and the retail cost appears to be greater than it has been previously, and I would like some answers to these not unreasonable questions’” said Ian Blayney.

“The people of Geraldton and the Midwest are required by the geography of their location to drive long distances; they should not be paying more for fuel than is required.”