Hit and run victim "begged for help" - Witnesses wanted

A young man was riding his moped Christmas Day in the evening in Geraldton when he was hit by a vehicle. 

The 18 year old, Bradley Wood, suffered a broken leg and was flow to Perth via the RFDS. 

Bradley's mother, Ms Tania Barras, was reaching out to the community via Facebook to ask the public for anyone who may have witnessed the incident or knows anything to contact Police as soon as possible. 

Police have apparently spoken to a man about the incident, but haven't laid charges yet. 

The Grandmother of the victim posted this message on Facebook to the person who hit her Grandson:

"To the low life who hit my grandson on his moped last night you should be disgusted with yourself. He begged and begged you to help him but no you got in your car and drove away he even tried to give you his phone so you could call his mum but no you didn't even have the decency to do that, he lay scared on the middle of the road until ambos arrived. I sure hope you never need help or any of your kids. You will be charged over this if its the last thing I ever do.  

"To the two men who stayed with my grandson and the nurse who lived across the road I cannot thank you enough for your kindness in making sure he was not alone until his mum and I got there, you are angels , and to all the medics and ambos and police a very big thankyou from my heart you do a wonderful job.

"To my grandson Brad stay strong mate we all love you, it may be a long road to recovery but we will be right along side you you are an awesome young man and you will see this waste of space brought to justice. I love you with all my heart Brad xxx"