CGG CEO spends day in wheelchair for International Day of People with a Disability


As part of International Day of People with a Disability the City of Greater Geraldton CEO Ken Diehm is committing to getting around in a wheelchair. 

He says the time spent in it already has opened his eyes to what it is truely like for folks restricted to using them full time, with even things like camber on the footpath being an issue.  

He even remarked that it might be an idea for city designers and planners to spend a day in a wheel hair to get a true feel for what it's like for those who need to use one. 

Passers by who recognised him were very impressed with his effort and commitment, and saw it as a personal inspiration and encouragement to be more aware of the day to day issues people with a disability face. 


Great work Mr Diehm. Very inspiring. 


Jason Smith

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