Price urges Durack shires to act on GST – right now

Melissa Price, Federal Member for Durack is asking all 44 shire councils as well as the two cities of Karratha and Greater Geraldton that comprise the largest electorate in Australia, Durack, to act now to support Western Australia’s federal battle for a fair share of the GST.

Ms Price congratulated the Shire of Goomalling staff members, councilors, families and friends who last week signed up for the Fair Go for the West campaign, to get a bigger slice of the GST cake for WA.

Ms Price wants all 46 local government areas in Durack to follow suit.

“Durack communities from the Kimberley and throughout the Pilbara, Gascoyne, Mid-west and northern Wheatbelt can add some weight to this campaign to address the current inequalities in GST distribution,” Ms Price said.

“My support for WA to get a better share of the GST campaign remains steadfast.

“Whilst I am collaborating with my Western Australian colleagues, Federal MPs and Senators, in Canberra, I think a grass roots campaign across the Durack electorate will really add some momentum to our efforts in Canberra to secure financial prosperity for WA.”

Join the petition:

Call to action: send a note to the community to sign up and invite them to a photo shoot.

Send a photo: of a work group, community group or family and friends who have signed the petition and the name of your shire to Ms Price’s media advisor -