Project pandora

Press release from Project Pandora, a Geraldton based initiative: 

Back in c1999 a CD was released in Geraldton featuring local talent called Pandora’s Box – 114 degrees 36 minutes.

It was released and engineered at the time through Beaver & Badger Underground Productions & Opus Music.

The original CD distribution did really well with Triple J’s Unearthed coming to Geraldton and broadcasting live some of the local bands.

With such a plethora of original music happening in the Midwest & the benefits of social media, we are getting fired up to do it all again!

With respect to the original concept, we are happy to open phase 1 of Project Pandora:

  • An initiative to launch original music in the Midwest.
  • Chance to record your song in a professional studio.
  • Song will be part of a compilation album on iTunes.
  • Youtube clips and marketing strategy.
  • Workshops with Entertainment lawyer and industry professionals.
  • And all free.
  • Artists retain 100% copyright.

Once we have collected enough data we will launch the next phase of the project in 2015 by opening submissions.

Our main goal is to help talented artists and musicians to reach their potential and provide them with a gateway to the entertainment industry, with support networks, that would otherwise be unknown or unaffordable. You’ll also be in care of great in-house musicians and networking opportunities through the songwriting process and provide a non-competitive atmosphere. Music isn’t a competition!

For more info head to: (Survey can be found here)