City rally for equal GST cut

The City of Greater Geraldton has shown their support for equal GST distribution by backing the Fair Go for the West Campaign.

The campaign is rallying for Western Australia to receive a fair share of the GST. More than 9,000 people have joined the petition.

WA will get just 37 cents back from every dollar of GST raised this year, with other states including South Australia and Tasmania receiving more than they generate.

City Mayor, Ian Carpenter, said City Councillors had no hesitation getting behind the campaign.

“This campaign highlights the significant imbalance in the current GST distribution,” he said.

“It’s time we made a stand and worked towards rectifying the situation.

“Having our fair share of the GST will not only benefit the Mid West region, but also the whole of WA.”

Federal Member for Durack, Melissa Price, has vocalised her support by urging all 46 local government areas in Durack to support the movement.

To show your support, you can join the petition by visiting this link